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Property Management’s Annual Cleaning In NY
The Best Property Management Annual Cleaning Service In NY

According to a report published by the National Fire Protection Association, more than 4000 fires are caused by clogged dryer vents annually. Clean dryer vents can prevent fire and have many benefits such as your clothes will dry up faster, your dryer will last longer and reduce your bills by a considerable extent. It is recommended to clean the dryer vent annually for better property management. Do the dryer vents need to be cleaned? Get them cleaned by certified professionals at National Air Duct USA.

Property Management’s Annual Cleaning
Property Management’s Annual Cleaning In NY

Benefits Of Clean Dryer Vents

Dryer vent cleaning is a time taking process and may require an entire day for thorough cleaning and removing the lint from the hose. But once the dryer vents are cleaned, they are worth it for adding protection. Here are some of the benefits of annual dryer vent cleaning:

Reduce The Risk Of Fire

A clogged dryer vent can get extremely hot and likely catch fire. Therefore, a clean dryer vent is one of the biggest necessities for property management and its safety.

Cost Effective

Clean dryer vents make your system work efficiently, utilizing less energy and reducing bills. Not only this, but your clothes will also last longer, so you may need to use the dryer frequently.

Brighter Colors

If your dryer vents are not cleaned for a long time, they may start to fade the color of your clothes. A clean dryer vent will keep your clothes warm and preserve their brightness for a long.

Extended Dryer Life

A dirty or clogged vent will make the dryer exert extra force to dry the clothes. This load on the dryer may cause the dryer to malfunction and require costly repairs. The best way to avoid costly repairs and increase the dryer's life is to go for the annual dryer vent cleaning recommended by NFPA.

Control Allergens

A clogged dryer is not only vulnerable to fire but causes health issues like pollen and other allergies, especially if you have a pet in your house. A clogged vent can also trap moisture, making ideal growth conditions for mildew and mold.

Property Management’s Annual Cleaning
Renovation Air Duct Cleaning NY
Call Our Professionals For To Clean The Dryer Vent In NJ

If you haven’t cleaned the dryer vents for a long time, no worries; you can clean it professionally at National Air Duct USA. We will send certified professionals to your location to remove all the debris and soot from the dryer vents. For the best property management’s annual cleaning NY service, make sure to call National Air Duct USA now!

How Often Should You Clean A Dryer Vent?
Renovation Air Duct Cleaning NY

According to the NFPA recommendations, you should get your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. Annual cleaning of the dryer vent will not only keep your property safe but will enhance the quality of your life. Under the following circumstances, your dryer vent needs more frequent cleaning:

Clothes are taking more time to dry than expected.
Do you often find a musty smell in your rooms and it tends to increase when you turn on your HVAC unit?
The vent door is choked and needs extra effort to open.
The clothes smell burnt.
The laundry temperature increases when the dryer is in use.
The clothes do get dry but are hotter than they used to be.